“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.”

Moses ben Maimonides

I first knew this as "more is lost through indecision than poor decision".

Maimonides was saying this in like, 1153, clearly it has become even more of an issue since the internet was invented, in an age where the paradox of choice is worsening by the day, with job boards, supermarkets, rightmove & deliveroo.

There are two points here I think:

  1. If you don't shoot you don't score. When you are prevented from taking action by taking a decision, then you will often miss opportunities.
  2. Whilst there can be definite wrong decisions, there are normally not definite right decisions, just pareto frontiers. So expending energy deciding between two paths when you can't possible know which will work out best is simply ineffective, better to use that energy in making one of those paths work.


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